October 1, 2018

Man looking up with the words "what should i do"No dental restoration is inherently better than another. It simply comes down to what the patient is comfortable with and what our dentist believes is best. In some cases, both parties reach the consensus it would be better for the patient to receive a dental bridge in lieu of a dental implant.

  1. Cost

The best restoration simply comes down to what the patient can afford. Generally, dental bridges in Saratoga Springs, NY cost anywhere between $700 and $1,500 while implants can range between $900 and $3,000. Additionally, implants may come with extra procedures to make sure the implant stays in place, such as bone grafting. This can increase the cost significantly. You can check to see if your dental insurance will cover some or all of the cost.

  1. Dental Anxiety

Implants are far more invasive. They require actual surgery, and you will require general anesthesia while the implant is inserted into the jawbone. Some patients are simply uncomfortable with this or have medical problems that make anesthesia a problem. In this instance, the simpler route to take may involve bridges.

  1. Treatment Time

After the initial dental implant surgery, the patient will need to return to our dentist’s office to get the permanent crown placed on top. Follow-up appointments are necessary to ensure the restoration has remained viable. Bridges require a couple appointments, but the turnaround time is much faster. Our dentists in Saratoga Springs, NY will alter your teeth and place a temporary bridge over them while the permanent one is being made. You will come in about two weeks later to receive your permanent bridge, and with proper maintenance that dental bridge will last between 10 and 15 years.

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You should contact the dentists at Springs Dental to see which treatment is best for you. Each one has their pros and cons, and Drs. Lis, Moskowitz, and Bronner will go over each option in detail so that you can make an informed decision regarding your dental health.



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