October 9, 2017

Are you considering an orthodontics treatment? Traditional braces realign your teeth, but the process can be lengthy.  At Comfort Dental, we try to minimize the length of your treatment. Here are three reasons why you should ask Dr. Moghaddam about Fastbraces in Weymouth, MA.

Get Your Teeth Realigned Faster

Traditional braces work in two phases. First, your orthodontist shifts the top crown of your teeth which alone might take years. After your teeth appear to be straight, the braces shift the roots into parallel and even rows. This also takes quite some time.

Fast braces work on the entire problem all at once:

  • Triangle brackets attach to your teeth
  • A wire runs between each bracket
  • Moghaddam adjust the tension to put pressure on the root
  • The process shifts the whole tooth in one step

The results are dramatic. We accomplish more meaningful changes in the position of your teeth with each visit. Ultimately, your teeth come into alignment with fewer trips to our office over a shorter period.

It’s not uncommon to fully complete treatment in a few months rather than several years. With the appliances removed, you return to your normal lifestyle sooner.

They Promote Better Oral Hygiene

Many patients struggle to maintain regular hygiene routines while wearing braces. The devices get in the way of normal brushing and flossing. They also trap more food particles, and plaque tends to accumulate.

If left for years, your mouth is at risk of developing more serious conditions. Cavities become common, and your gum disease risk increases. Removing your braces gives you back the ability to clean your teeth adequately and limits bad habits.

They’re Affordable

Fast braces use simple geometry and leverage to produce more efficient results. The materials and the manufacture of these devices remain simple. For those reasons, the cost of fast braces compares closely to that of traditional braces.

Fast braces are not always suitable for every patient’s specific case. The best way to find out if you’re eligible for this procedure is to contact our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Moghaddam.



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