October 31, 2017

Even if you no longer go trick-of-treating, you will probably still eat a lot of candy for Halloween. Whether it is leftovers from the candy you handed out to the neighborhood kids or candy you got at a Halloween party, you want to be careful of what you eat if you have veneers. While these restorations are tough, they are still susceptible to damage. Avoid scheduling a prosthodontist appointment on November 1st by watching out for these treats.

  1. Candies That Are Hard to Bite Into

Hard candies you have to bite should be avoided entirely. This includes jawbreakers and caramels. The reason is that the excessive pressure can cause a veneer to break. When a veneer breaks, a total replacement is often the only course of action. Other types of snacks you generally want to avoid, no matter what time of year it is, are pumpkin seeds, popcorn kernels and sunflower seeds.

  1. Candies That Stain

Porcelain veneers are a popular choice because they are highly resistant to staining. However, that does not mean stains can be avoided altogether. Candies containing artificial coloring can stain your tongue and teeth, and it can be difficult to remove those stains with only a toothbrush. The worst offenders are candies containing purple or blue food coloring.

  1. Extremely Acidic Candies

Sour candy is bad even if you do not have veneers. Highly acidic substances have the potential to strip away enamel from teeth, making them more susceptible to bacterial damage. As a point of reference, teeth begin to decalcify when they are exposed to a pH value of 4.0. Skittles have a pH value of 2.5.

Contact Our Office When You Have Eaten Too Much Candy

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