August 24, 2016


Do you wish you could have straighter teeth? You no longer have to dream about it because it is entirely possible with the aid of clear braces. This is a variation our dentist in Oklahoma City, OK offers in lieu of traditional metal braces. There are some great advantages to be gained, so do not miss out.

1. Straighter, Healthier Smile

This is the key benefit you are going to get out of any orthodontic treatment. At the end of the process, your teeth are going to be perfectly straight with absolutely no malocclusions. Straighter teeth not only look better. They are also better for your oral health because you will be able to brush more areas of your teeth. Correcting misalignments also reduces the chances of one of your teeth chipping or wearing down prematurely.

2. Better Appearance

Clear braces are still attached to your teeth. However, instead of having a bunch of metal brackets readily visible in your smile, you get brackets that are the same color as your enamel. This means they are not going to be as noticeable, so no one will even be able to see you are wearing them.

3. Quicker Turnaround Time

Traditional orthodontic treatments would sometimes take two or even three years to finish. Fortunately, you can talk with our dentist in Oklahoma City, OK about getting Six Month Smiles®. Due to the fact that invisible braces primarily focus on correcting the front teeth, treatment can often be completed in about six months. You will have a more attractive smile in no time.

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