June 20, 2016

If you don’t love your teeth, cosmetic dentistry is a great choice. The longer you spend without a smile that doesn’t make you feel confident, the more you miss out on throughout your daily life. If you’re unsure about a complicated, long-term dental treatment, we have some simple smile makeover approaches that produce life-changing results.

The Smile Makeover Process

When you decide to receive a smile makeover, we can help determine the procedures that best meet your goals. The first step is a thorough overview of your teeth by one of our professionals. After examining your teeth and gums, we address the areas you want to improve. From there, we can suggest a variety of cosmetic improvement procedures to create your ideal smile. These dental treatment solutions provide patients entirely new smiles in just a single visit:

  1. Professional teeth whitening. Whitening will make your teeth appear more impressive and noticeable, all without invasive or involved treatment. In fact, part of the popularity of is the simplicity of the procedure. You’ll see dramatic results within an hour.
  2. Tooth contouring. Sometimes small adjustments produce perfect results. If you’re not happy with your smile line, gentle re-contouring can make your teeth appear more symmetrical and even.
  3. Dental bonding. If you are frustrated with a gap between your teeth, exposed tooth roots, or chips on your teeth, dental bonding is a tooth-colored composite that is applied to reshape and repair the problem area. It is performed in our office, so you don’t need to wait for restorations to return from the dental lab.

A smile makeover is an aesthetic adjustment to your teeth to unleash the appearance you’ve always wanted without sacrificing function.

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