January 27, 2017

Here at Waterside Dental, we provide our patients with various treatments to restore their smiles and improve oral health as well as their overall health. To boost the general appearance and functionality of your teeth, dental crowns and bridges at our Port Charlotte, FL office make a fantastic option. Here, we would like to offer three unique advantages to this particular cosmetic dentistry option.

1. Improve the General Appearance of Your Teeth

If your teeth are chipped or cracked, you might be hesitant to show your smile. A general dentist from Waterside Dental can set you up with dental bridges or crowns to cover up imperfections while replacing missing teeth and the gaps that come with them.

2. Get a Custom Fit

Dental technology has become so advanced that we can easily give you custom dental crowns and/or a dental bridge. The great thing about this is that your tooth replacement will feel and look more natural than ever, ensuring your total satisfaction with the final results. To get the most from your cosmetic procedure, you need to take proper care of your crowns and bridges, making sure you brush, floss, and allow us to take a look at your replacements to see that they are in good order.

3. Protect Your Teeth From Unnecessary Decay

Another great thing about dental bridges and crowns is they keep your damaged tooth or teeth from breaking down any further. While we will be sure to clean around the tooth and take care of any current decay, placing the crown or bridge over the tooth helps protect it. Depending on the total extent of damage, crowns and bridges can help hold together broken and cracked teeth as well as prevent future damage.

The above tips are just the beginning. If you are interested in learning more, contact our offices today.



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