March 9, 2018

A common misconception exists amongst many that you only have a certain window in your life to help work on the shape of your smile. The fact that kids and teens are typically the ones seen with braces seems to reinforce this assumption. Yet the fact is that anyone at any stage of life can receive effective orthodontic care. If you did not have the chance to receive such treatment in your younger years, perhaps the time has come to consider it again.

A Change in Public Opinion

You might think that the time in which braces might be a valid treatment option for you has passed. Even if such care could fix your dental alignment issues, you might worry about how having them might be perceived. The concern over showing braces on a date or in the boardroom is very real, yet at the same time, you should also know that public opinion regarding adult orthodontics is beginning to shift. Indeed, the American Association of Orthodontists reports that 27 percent of orthodontic patients in the U.S. and Canada are adults.

Experience May Equal Greater Success

Why should you consider asking your dentist whether orthodontics might be an option for you? Your unique position in life might actually increase your chances of seeing success with your orthodontia in a shorter amount of time due to the following reasons:

  • Your life experience has likely given you a greater appreciation for the value such treatment can offer
  • You understand the importance of adhering to a strict treatment schedule
  • Your increased awareness of the need for your own personal involvement in you care might allow you to utilize alternative treatment methods (such as Invisalign)

It is never too late to correct any alignment issues with your smile. Under the guidance of Dr. Seidel, you can easily close the gaps in your teeth and/or correct your bite in relatively no time at all. You have had to deal with your bite issues for long enough; why not enjoy the rest of your adult life without having to worry about them? Give us here at Gettysburg Dental Associates in Gettysburg, PA a call to schedule a consultation appointment today.



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