September 9, 2016

Great smiles aren’t just for kids! Today, adults of all ages can enjoy straight teeth and the many advantages that come with them. If you have crooked teeth or mouth alignment issues, improve your smile with adult braces and begin enjoying these 10 benefits.

1. Increased Self-Confidence

It’s hard to overstate the effect straight teeth can have on your self-confidence. Talking, smiling and laughing are more enjoyable when you are happy with how your teeth look.

2. Healthier Teeth

Straight teeth are much easier to clean. There are fewer spots for plaque to build up, which means fewer cavities and easier dental appointments.

3. Lower Risk of Gum Disease

Your gums also remain healthier with straight teeth. Flossing and brushing are more effective as well. Most patients find compliance with standard oral care practices is easier after orthodontic treatment.

4. Decreased Dental Costs

Because it’s easier to keep your mouth clean, the cost of your dental care could decrease significantly. This is especially true as you age.

5. Easier Chewing

The human mouth was designed to chew food effectively, and it can work more efficient when teeth are aligned. Eating is easier and more enjoyable when your teeth can do their job properly.

6. Fewer Jaw Troubles

Crooked or crowded teeth put uneven pressure on the jaw, resulting in joint troubles and often headaches. Uneven wear can also be remedied by straightening your bite.

7. Better Overall Health

Current research has shown a link between your oral health and your overall health. Heart disease, stroke and other conditions have been linked to gum disease, which is easier to prevent once your teeth have been aligned.

8. Fewer Accidents

With even teeth, you are less likely to suffer breakage in the event of a blow to the mouth.

9. Affordable Treatments

Today, invisible braces are an affordable option for many adults whose parents couldn’t pay for braces during their childhood years.

10. Quick Solution

Advances in technology have significantly shortened the time most adults need to spend in braces. On average, our patients spend just six months straightening their teeth with invisible, adult braces.

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