August 24, 2016

When a tooth is cracked, chipped or damaged, a crown may be used to repair it. Traditionally, crowns have taken at least two appointments and several weeks with a temporary crown. In our efforts to provide you the absolute best in cosmetic dentistry, we now offer same day crowns in Wayne, NJ.

Benefits of Same Day Crowns

When you opt for a same day crown, an E4D machine is used to create a porcelain crown during just one visit. With traditional crowns, a temporary crown was placed while the permanent tooth was built outside the office. Now, we have the ability to create your crown in our office, making it faster and easier for you without sacrificing the quality of your smile. Other benefits of same day crowns include:

  • Smoothly polished, natural looking feel to your teeth
  • Less likely to crack
  • Reduced discomfort as crowns are made to fit properly
  • Can be done in one visit rather than two
  • No temporary crown
  • E4D crowns are made of safe material and have the same characteristics as tooth enamel

With traditional crowns, your first appointment allows us to file down the tooth and take an impression for the crown.  Then, a temporary crown is placed while the imprint is sent out of the office for the permanent tooth to be made.  During this time, you wear the temporary crown, which can be uncomfortable and may not match your natural teeth.  About two weeks later, you come back for a second visit to have the permanent crown placed.

With same day crowns, you get all this done, in our office, on the same day.  No need for multiple appointments or two days of missed work.  We can do it all in one appointment.

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If you have a tooth that needs to be crowned and you want the convenience that comes with same day crowns, call us for an appointment at (973) 694-2835.



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