July 27, 2016

There are different types of dentistry. Preventative dentistry aims to stop issues such as gum disease and tooth decay from occurring in the first place. Orthodontics focuses on aligning teeth properly. Cosmetic dentistry aims to fix aesthetic problems in a smile so that the patient has a beautiful smile. Several issues can develop with teeth and gums that are not necessarily health problems but can make an individual self-conscious about his or her appearance. Cosmetic procedures aim to rejuvenate a person’s appearance, and here are some groups of people who can benefit.

People With Stained Teeth

 Everything people eat in a day has the potential to stain teeth. Certain substances such as tea, wine, coffee, tomato sauce and berries can stain teeth more than others. Brushing can remove some of the stains, but if the discoloration builds up too much, then something needs to be done to make teeth white once again. These people can look into getting a teeth whitening procedure or veneers in Eagle, CO.

People With Cracked or Chipped Teeth

Minor cosmetic flaws can develop on teeth. Tiny cracks or small chips may not pose a threat to a person’s health, but they can alter the smile’s aesthetic. Veneers, crowns and bonding can be used in these instances.

People With Alignment Issues

 Teeth can become misaligned naturally or through some kind of trauma. Orthodontics is available to put teeth into better positions. This is also a good option for people with overly crowded teeth. If there is only a gap in a single spot in your smile, then you can look into getting bonding.

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